Villagers Torch Church After Priest Officiates Shotgun INCEST Wedding


Come on guys — give the Christ-loving family some credit. They knew their little bundle of inbred joy might be an abomination, but they just couldn’t abide a disgusting BASTARD, too!

Via Nigeria New Telegraph:

Just like a fairy tale, a 25-year-old man, Mr. Chiadi Ezeibekwe, said he impregnated his 17-year-old younger sister. As if that was not enough, he wedded her at a church at their Agba village in Ekwulobia, Anambra State. Agba youths, who saw the marriage as “an abomination,” burnt down the church where the wedding was consummated.

It was learnt that the wedding was conducted by Chiadi’s elder brother, Mr. Chijioke Ezeibekwe, a Shepherd of Dwelling Fullness of God Church, Agba. Chiadi quoted Deuteronomy 36:6, which, according to him, permits marriage between brothers and ssters [sic] of the same parents. [more]

We ran straight to the Bible to soak up the incest-blessing wisdom referenced, but alas, Deuteronomy only has 34 chapters. Hard to believe a man of god would just make anything up out of whole cloth!

Also, via Nigerian Tribune:

Addressing journalists, the father of the “bride and bridegroom,” whose name was given as “Luisco,” said his concern was a way out of the situation, since according to him, “what has happened, has happened,” while their mother claimed that his son’s action was biblical, adding “My son paid the dowry as required.” [more]

OK, so long as mom and dad turned a profit on the deal…