Lawsuit: Kiddy Penis-Pinching & Beatings During Torah Instruction

What’s the big deal? Surely the good rabbi was just double-checking that the boy was properly briss’ed. And triple-checking, and quadruple-checking…

Via Forward:

torah-school-boysJERUSALEM (JTA) — A lawsuit filed against a venerated haredi Orthodox elementary school in Jerusalem alleges physical and sexual abuse within the institution.

A teacher who tested the students privately in Torah and other religious subjects allegedly repeatedly pinched the student’s private areas during the testing sessions. When the student started to skip the sessions, the principal allegedly called him to his office, where he would hit the boy, sometimes with a stick. On one occasion, according to the documents, it was with such force that the stick snapped in two.

In sixth grade, the student told a rabbi at the school about the incidents. The following day his mother received a call from the school accusing the child of spreading lies about the rabbis in the school. The mother said she was also told that she should be grateful that her son was accepted to the prestigious institution, even though the family is of Sephardic descent, and that if they continued to complain the boy and his brothers would be expelled from the school. [more]

Yes, all of Abraham’s sons are welcome here at Talmud Torah Kaminetz – even you Sephardic trash!