Scripture-Babbling City Hall Mural Gets Legal Smackdown From FFRF

Findlay, Ohio Bible Eagle MuralWhen the mayor of Findlay, Ohio finally looks up The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s success rate on these cases, she’ll have a new reason to pray…

Via Fox News:

An anti-religion activist group is threatening to sue the city of Findlay, Ohio for a mural in the municipal building that shows an eagle and a bible verse.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a cease-and-desist letter to Flag City USA on Feb. 1, claiming the mural is unconstitutional because it “conveys government support for religion” through the phrase “Under His wings shall you find refuge,” and the corresponding Scripture reference, “Psalms 91.”

“The city needs to remove it,” [FFRF’s] Rebecca Markert told Fox News. “This is government property and it doesn’t belong there.”

Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik says the mural is in the city to stay unless someone with legal authority tells the city to remove it, stressing most Findlay residents look to a higher power as they face real struggles, such as the opioid epidemic, broken families, and crime. [more]

Yes, because the Lord has been so proactive in addressing the opioid epidemic thus far…

Let’s meet Mayor Lydia Mihalik, shall we? In a YouTube video, we find her lavishing praise on a local public elementary school teacher who instructed her 60 second and third graders to sign a thank you card consisting entirely of… a Republican party logo.