Trailblazing Married Catholic Priest Viciously Assaults Wife On Altar


So yeah, that whole idea about how letting priests get married will attract a higher caliber of human who’s less inclined to violent sexual assault? Not so much…

Via WTHR 13 Indianapolis:

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — A man who made history as the first married priest in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis faces six criminal charges tied to an assault last September involving his wife. Court documents state that part of the attack happened in the sanctuary of Holy Rosary Catholic Church where he worked.

According to court documents obtained by 13 Investigates, Father Luke Reese is accused of kidnapping, criminal confinement, battery and intimidation.

The court documents detail an encounter between Reese and his wife on a Sunday afternoon, September 24, when Reese said he found her in the back seat of a car with another man with whom she was having an affair.

The probable cause affidavit states that Reese hit and kicked the man and ordered his wife to leave with him. They left in separate cars and eventually met up together and got into Reese’s car. She told investigators he locked the doors and began hitting her while they were driving.

Investigators say Reese eventually drove to Holy Rosary Catholic Church on the near east side of Indianapolis and forced his wife inside to kneel at the altar. She told officers he demanded her cell phone password. She says Reese physically hit her in the church too.

Reese then drove his wife back to Indianapolis, where, according to his wife, he forced her to go to bed while he cut up her clothing. She told officers he viewed her text messages and then sexually assaulted her.  [more]

Via Indianapolis Star:

When his wife’s grandmother asked about the bruising and swelling on her face, Reese began to yell. “I hit her, that’s what’s wrong with her,” the grandmother remembered him saying, according to court documents.

A priest and you beat her?” she remembered asking.

“I could have killed her,” Reese replied, according to court documents.  [more]

Christ’s boundless love is strong in this one.

And while Holy Rosary Catholic Church has already scrubbed Father Reese from their website (keeping him would be bad for business!), thankfully their Facebook page is still actively celebrating his Glory!

Father Luke Reese First Mass - Holy Rosary Catholic Church Indianapolis