Lunatic Buddhist Monk Booted From Facebook For Hate Speech

Uh-oh — looks like “The Burmese Bin Laden” is going to have to beef up his Snapchat and Twitter game. Should have stuck to “Words With Friends”….


Buddhist monk Wirathu sits in his quarters at Ma Soe YeinFacebook has wiped an account belonging to Myanmar’s notorious firebrand monk Wirathu. The Buddhist monk, who self-styles himself the “Burmese bin Laden,” has for years used his social media perch to disseminate anti-Muslim hate speech, jingoistic sermons and virulent rumors about the stateless Rohingya minority…

Wirathu has been able to grow his support base on social media. He has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers who help circulate his incendiary sermons and videos….

“They remove his account but not his videos, and his religious hate speeches, they are still on Facebook and his followers are spreading it,” Thet Swe Win, a Yangon-based interfaith activist, told AFP. [more]

Back in 2013, TIME published a cover story profile declaring Wirathu “The Face of Buddhist Terror”. This prompted the amusing response below, which eerily presages the rise of another self-important blowhard shouting #FAKENEWS!

“I had heard rumours of the Arab world being behind the global media, but this time, I’ve seen it myself, which has proved it right to me.”

– Wirathu

Arabs and not Jews controlling the media? That may seem like a new one, but the time-tested reality is that whenever a bigoted asshole doesn’t like what’s being printed about him, he declares the media controlled by whoever is his own personal boogeyman – whether that be Jews, Muslims, Liberals, Democrats – etc. Basically any uppity smartypants who reads anything that isn’t their party platform or a moldy old religious text…