Well hello there, and welcome to Pop Heathen, a compendium of scintillatingly entertaining tidbits from the world of theism.  Pop Heathen is an atheist news blog by and for the post-religious; but in lieu of tedious secular pontification, our mission is to simply let religious actions and behaviors speak for themselves. So let’s get rubberneckin’ at the cray-cray train wreck that is human faith, shall we?

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Pope Zeus: Founder & Editor
Pope Zeus is a California man-child and published author who has toiled in the seedy underbellies of digital media, comedy, television, magazine publishing and advertising for over twenty years. While he was Christened at the tender age of one, his parents fell away from the Lord soon after, raising him a heathen. He writes on Pop Heathen using a pseudonym because, well, some theists have a funny way of getting murderously violent when people snicker at faith.

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